www.magdsu2010.com was the website dedicated to the 4th European Conference on factory outlet centres which happened on the 7th and 8th of April 2010 in the Country of France.
Magdus was and maybe still is the European Factory Outlet Centres Observatory. The Conference had free entry but attendees had to pay for the extras such as the lunch, the Magdus Party and travel and accommodation costs.
Factory outlets have seen rise throughout the world in their popularity due to the discounted items that the public can purchase. Whether it be ends of the line products or products that have been over manufactured, products are often sold in large out of town complexes.

Team Building Factory

Each year i am given the task of organising an event to welcome the students back to school in September after they return from their summer holidays. The days requires the students to get to know each other, as we run a vertical tutor group system, allows the students to learn new skills and allows for a fun day. Over the years we have run a variety of different days from circus skills, theatre groups to art and craft days.

This year i decided to book www.theproblemsolvingcompany.co.uk who came recommended to me by a friend who teaches at another school. They run a variety of team building days for the students and staff if required!

We opted for a day called the Challenge Carousel which was perfect for our needs. It is a carousel of 32 activities that groups of students visit with a teacher. We ran the day as a competition which was perfect for enthusing the students on their return from their holidays.

The day was real success and will definitely be incorporating more whole school team building days into our curriculum.

Treasured items

I recently walked the coast to coast across the heart of lake district. Myself,  my wife and a couple of friends had been talking about it for years and we had always discussed that rather than use the bed and breakfast option we would camp,  carrying all of our belongings with us along the entire route. It was some months after we had finished . Our legs and other joints had been rested and we were back in the lakes making an ascent of Bow Fell. We finished with a meal in the Old Dungeon Gill which is a fantastic pub. It was in here that somone said what was the best item that you cariied through the coast to coast challenge. I had an answer straight away! We had done the  walk in peak summer and the sun comes up pretty early. I had taken a few eye masks with me that i had purchased from www.eyemasks.org.uk before setting off on our adventure. I gave everyone one. So light,  you could even stuff them in a pocket they really did save us all waking up too early in the morning. With one of my friends who said they could not have done it without his Kendal Mint cake,  everyone agreed that they certainly had made the whole experience more comfortable.

Storytelling factory

Storytelling Workshops for Schools

Storytelling is one of the oldest traditions in humanity. Telling stories is the backbone of communication, and learning to tell good stories is an important skill for children to learn and master. Parents are encouraged to tell stories to their children even before they are born, and the tradition of storytelling continues on as those children enter schools.Storytelling, of course, has long been an important component of any school’s reading curriculum. Coming up with topics that children will enjoy reading and listening to is a challenge for many teachers and schools. Often times reading textbooks are used for many years and both children and teachers can get bored of the same material.

Storytelling workshops can offer a refreshing change. Normally storytelling workshops are more interactive than just reading or listening to a story. When a workshop is offered in a school setting children participate in telling the story. They also need to listen to what their peers are saying when they take their turn to tell the story because even when a story is silly, there must also be a certain about of logic to it in order for it to move forward.

Storytelling workshops for schools teach reading and writing skills, but they also teach cooperation, problem solving, and other important creative skills as well. And best of all children have fun learning, because no two stories ever come out the same. During storytelling workshops kids often open up with other students as well as their teachers even when they are normally shy and sometimes students can forge connections and friendships with someone in their class they may have overlooked otherwise.

For all these reasons and more, storytelling workshops in schools are a great investment that more schools should explore.