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Storytelling Workshops for Schools

Storytelling is one of the oldest traditions in humanity. Telling stories is the backbone of communication, and learning to tell good stories is an important skill for children to learn and master. Parents are encouraged to tell stories to their children even before they are born, and the tradition of storytelling continues on as those children enter schools.Storytelling, of course, has long been an important component of any school’s reading curriculum. Coming up with topics that children will enjoy reading and listening to is a challenge for many teachers and schools. Often times reading textbooks are used for many years and both children and teachers can get bored of the same material.

Storytelling workshops can offer a refreshing change. Normally storytelling workshops are more interactive than just reading or listening to a story. When a workshop is offered in a school setting children participate in telling the story. They also need to listen to what their peers are saying when they take their turn to tell the story because even when a story is silly, there must also be a certain about of logic to it in order for it to move forward.

Storytelling workshops for schools teach reading and writing skills, but they also teach cooperation, problem solving, and other important creative skills as well. And best of all children have fun learning, because no two stories ever come out the same. During storytelling workshops kids often open up with other students as well as their teachers even when they are normally shy and sometimes students can forge connections and friendships with someone in their class they may have overlooked otherwise.

For all these reasons and more, storytelling workshops in schools are a great investment that more schools should explore.