Treasured items

I recently walked the coast to coast across the heart of lake district. Myself,  my wife and a couple of friends had been talking about it for years and we had always discussed that rather than use the bed and breakfast option we would camp,  carrying all of our belongings with us along the entire route. It was some months after we had finished . Our legs and other joints had been rested and we were back in the lakes making an ascent of Bow Fell. We finished with a meal in the Old Dungeon Gill which is a fantastic pub. It was in here that somone said what was the best item that you cariied through the coast to coast challenge. I had an answer straight away! We had done the  walk in peak summer and the sun comes up pretty early. I had taken a few eye masks with me that i had purchased from before setting off on our adventure. I gave everyone one. So light,  you could even stuff them in a pocket they really did save us all waking up too early in the morning. With one of my friends who said they could not have done it without his Kendal Mint cake,  everyone agreed that they certainly had made the whole experience more comfortable.

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