Team Building Factory

Each year i am given the task of organising an event to welcome the students back to school in September after they return from their summer holidays. The days requires the students to get to know each other, as we run a vertical tutor group system, allows the students to learn new skills and allows for a fun day. Over the years we have run a variety of different days from circus skills, theatre groups to art and craft days.

This year i decided to book who came recommended to me by a friend who teaches at another school. They run a variety of team building days for the students and staff if required!

We opted for a day called the Challenge Carousel which was perfect for our needs. It is a carousel of 32 activities that groups of students visit with a teacher. We ran the day as a competition which was perfect for enthusing the students on their return from their holidays.

The day was real success and will definitely be incorporating more whole school team building days into our curriculum.

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